I would say my bike packing trip to Thailand was Adventurous, Memorable and Thrilling! This was my first trip to Thailand and my first cycling trip, which made it very memorable. The whole experience was very new. We got to the actual country at our own pace and also got to experience small, fascinating things which you don't get to see or do when you don't cycle and tour. The Handle Bars team planned this whole trip and made sure the team was very well cared for and had no problems throughout. Being top-notch cyclists, they selected the best scenic route. We cycled on plain land, on hills and ocean side. It was very enjoyable experience; I would suggest people to just hit the saddle and join this adventure for one of the most memorable experiences with The Handle Bars. Personally, I would love to go on such an adventure again and again!

Archana Kashyap - Thailand (November 2017)

I am an adventurous travel buff, a trekker and ardent triathlete. This was 5 days getaway enjoying the countryside of Sri Lanka on cycle, mixed with pleasure. We used to cycle first half of the day (3-4 hours) and then balance of the day sight seeing, experiencing the local cultures and cuisine. Cycling on coastline on well laid roads and disciplined traffic and the company of fellow riders was delight! The trip was well organized from day one of the trip. For any newbie or someone who is not regular cyclist will find the trip completely pleasant without much elevation or mileage in the day. Also, there is always the option to hop into the backup vehicle, if you cannot keep up with the group. Safety was my concern as being foreigner and in case of emergency language can be barrier. Fortunately, we didn't have any mishaps but having good driver/guide with vehicle backup alleviated this fear. Challenge was finding good vegetarian food on the menu. Overall, the cycling trip to Srilanka was serene, scenic and stress free.

Sandeep Subramanya – Srilanka (February 2018)

I enjoy travel outdoors and trying out different activities. However, I never imagined myself cycling from town to town in a foreign country. In that sense, it was a wonderful experience. Unlike our regular vacations this was more unpredictable, and you get a real feel of the country. Cycling was fun but not exhausting and we could spend some time sightseeing as well. The places we stayed in were arranged very good and added to the overall experience. My ability to manage 50k cycling everyday was my biggest concern. I had prepared for it and was reasonably comfortable. I enjoyed the trip and felt the arrangements were extremely good. I would like consider doing such a trip in India.

Meenakshi Ravi - Srilanka (February 2018)

Thanks to The Handle Bars for organising such a memorable trip to Bali. It was totally awesome and fun filled trip. They organised every day with minute details and took care of even sundries. Highlight was morning trek to Mt Batur and the cycling. The trip exuded professionalism end-to-end. Way to go and look forward to many more soon. Having a friendly trustworthy driver through the trip was a big plus.

Preeti Gupta - Bali (april 2018)

I am a simple human being, who lives life being happy and enjoying what it has to offer. For me travel is an extension to explore and feel blessed. We had a group of 7 absolutely wonderful ladies coming from different backgrounds- both professionally and personally. The sheer joy of coming together with open minds and hearts to just cherish the carefree days and nights, sharing random unfiltered experiences, hearty laughs along with adventure, shopping and relaxation. It gave each one of us an opportunity to experience something new, something to motivate us to come out of our shell whether it was an early morning cycling trip, exploring the countryside, walking along the beautiful paddy fields and villages, diving in deep sea or reaching new heights with a trek of 1717m of Mount Batur. When you come back refreshed, rejuvenated and immediately start planning your next trip, it says a lot about the trip. It was indeed a well-crafted and executed trip by The Handle Bars! The only thing I really missed was the daily dose of desi chai 😉

Anumeha Kulkarni – Bali (April 2018)

The trip was adventurous, rejuvenating and exciting. It was an amazing experience with so many pleasant memories to cherish. The itinerary was well thought off and executed. The entire trip went on well without a hitch. I had never gone on an all women’s trip and my biggest concern was safety, comfortable accommodation and safe travel. However, I didn’t experience any of these problems. The highlight of the trip was a trek to Mount Batur and view from the top was absolutely mesmerizing. You will never experience all this until you travel to new places. I think that adding more adventure sports and discovering city on bike would have made it more exciting!

Neetu Bansal – Bali (April 2018)

It was well planned trip and charted out very well. It was fun and had some pleasant surprises. I am an adventure seeking explorer with varied interests so I enjoyed cycling through the country side. I feel that maybe the distance of the rides each day could have been increased. I did not expect to enjoy surfing and sea as I don’t consider myself a water person. I would definitely like to go such a trip again!

Grinshina Kartik – Srilanka (February 2018)

The trip to Bali was amazingly planned and executed, with a variety of activities. None of the members had to face any impediments; the trip was planning considering the interest and physical ability of each and every person. The trip was very smooth right from the airport pick up to, accommodation, to inter city transfers to the final drop off at the airport. We did not have to wait anywhere for conveyance or other services provided by the vender. Cycling tour/activity to go around Ubud, was very nice and enabled us to see every nook and corner of Ubud at leisure and at our pace. The trekking to Mt Batur early morning at 2 am was simply brilliant and worth every step towards the summit. I would strongly recommend Vidya Chandran from Handlebars any day to anyone for the unique and endearing experience.

Shashi Iyengar – Bali (April 2018)

I had been on a couple of cycling rides but not on a trip like this. It was adventurous and stimulating. The fact that we were dealing with people from all strata did leave a mark. The places we stayed at were beautiful and the group could bond better. I enjoyed the rides by the sea shore; the local food was superb, and how can I forget, the ‘painful’ stretching after each ride. The distances were not too taxing; the rhythm and distances are set with both first timers as well as regulars in mind. I met like-minded , decent and very enthusiastic people. If we could have had a day or two dedicated to a trek, or in exploring the other side of the island, it would have been the icing on the cake. My biggest concern and apprehension specially cos, I was just then recovering from a bad knee injury, was if I would be able to keep pace and finish as well as I could. But, thanks to all who were there and specially Vidya, it went off without any hitch at all. Another concern was the food, me being vegetarian, I was worried if I would find decent food, which I did, thanks to the team again. All that we explored and were allowed to suggest made the experience more personal.

Savitha Bhavsar – Srilanka (February 2018)