Frequently Asked Questions

Shakespeare claimed that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. At The Handle Bars, we call everyone who likes to bike and joins our trip, a Spokes- Person instead of traveller/participant etc 😊

Travel insurance is an important part of a trip and we highly recommend you take one before they leave your country of residence. It protects you from several unforeseeable situations like lost/stolen luggage, accident, any personal liability, any medical emergency/treatment

Your experience is of paramount importance to us. We take care of all logistics, so you can relax and not worry about them.


  • Accommodation for all days, based on double occupancy
  • Well maintained cycles and helmet
  • Transfer from airport to hotel and back
  • Support vehicle and basic mechanical support
  • First aid
  • Detailed itinerary and route information
  • Ride refreshments
  • Transportation for the rider/ bike when riding is not scheduled
  • Two meals (Breakfast and lunch or dinner, depending on stay plans)

Exclusions –

  • Flight tickets / Visa charges/ Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • One meal
  • Anything not mentioned above.

We collect information from our participants if you book a tour with us/ send us a tour enquiry/ subscribe to our mailing list/ do a survey etc. Information collected depends on the type of query and is solely used for tailoring a suitable interaction with the customer. Detailed information like your passport number/ emergency contact/ address etc is captured only when you book the tour with us, which will be accessible to The Handle Bar’s staff and used for making reservations and booking various activities.

Closer to tour dates, we will collect other essential information such as any medical conditions you might have, your travel insurance provider/ policy number, your flight details, and any dietary restrictions that you might have. We will also need your height details to provide you with the correct size bike.

Our site uses cookies to personalize your online experience at our site by remembering things like country/currency preference, suggesting tours/products based on pages you have viewed, to analyse website traffic etc.

Each person has their own riding gear which they are comfortable riding in. During the ride, it would be prudent to carry a light backpack with only essential things for quick access. You don’t need to carry anything else since there will be a car travelling with us, carrying all the luggage. We recommend some basic things; you go through the list given and pack accordingly.

  • Cycling helmet (if you are comfortable using your own helmet; else we will provide one)
  • Cycling gloves
  • Water bottles
  • Buff or something similar
  • A cycle lock
  • Biking glasses
  • Your cycling shoes and socks
  • Cycling tops - long or short sleeved depending on climate
  • Lightweight waterproof breathable biking jacket
  • Padded cycling shorts/tights
  • Sun hat
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses/ Binoculars
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Camera/Phone
  • Spare batteries. For camera and flashlights.
  • First Aid. While we will have a basic First Aid kit in the car, pls so carry your regular medication and any other person health provisions.
  • Preferred snack if any though we will provide refreshments along the way.

As a company, we want to establish a culture of responsible travel. While we travel and explore a country, we also want to maintain harmony and not affect their environment and routines. Ideally, you should read up about the country you are visiting so you can have some perspective on them. Some countries have restrictions about clothing in some temples/taking pictures of shrines etc. When it doubt, ask! Tipping is a norm for drivers and local guides. How much you want to give is entirely your prerogative.

If you have any dietary requirements that might need special attention, kindly write to us with specifics and we will try to accommodate them.

Our trips are planned for places which are conducive for cycling. We will start our rides earlier during the day to escape the mid-afternoon heat and leave the evenings for local explorations. We will also have enough pit stops for refreshments and rest. If we have rains on any given day, then we will provide a light rain jacket/poncho so you can continue riding. If it rains intensely, then we will make a call to abandon the ride or to continue based on the conditions at that point in time

Our tour sizes are typically 8-10 people, including one lead rider. We clearly indicate the intensity level of the tour when we share the itinerary, so the expectation is set. As in any group, each person comes with their own riding capability and until we meet everyone and start riding, we can never know for sure how each person rides. Level 1/2 are tailored as a leisurely rides, where pace is not the primary objective. Hence, we will be riding at a comfortable pace. Level 3/4 are slightly more difficult rides, so they cater to more experienced riders. You can check our Gulpometer chart to see the various difficult levels.

We request that all our participants come with the expectation that this is a group ride and hence there are many group dynamics involved. Every now and then, things might not go as planned, so we ask everyone to not get upset when things go awry.

We try to get a good combination of homestay/hotels depending on the area we are riding to. In remote areas, choices are limited so we try to get the best possible place to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. In the city, where there are more options, we look for places which enables local exploration on foot or which is connected by metro.

We believe that cycling is for everyone, so we have rides which cater to people with different riding abilities. Some are laid back, some a bit more strenuous and some plain tough but undoubtedly, they are all fun! You can use our ‘Gulp-o-Meter’ to get a brief idea about the ride.






Avg Daily Distance:

30 -50 Km

Avg Daily Elev: 105–350 meters

Avg Daily Distance:

30 -50 Km

Avg Daily Elev: 350 -500 meters

Avg Daily Distance:

50 -80 Km

Avg Daily Elev: 350 - 800 meters

Avg Daily Distance:

50 -100 Km

Avg Daily Elev: > 1000m

Recreational ‘Spokes- Person” or rookie cyclists will find this the perfect ride!





Intermediate Spokes- Person who are looking for a leisure ride and want to sightsee can also opt for this ride.



Advanced Spokes- Person can ride too but should expect a more leisurely pace.

Recreational Spokes- Person can do this with a little extra effort. They can also take advantage of the support van, if needed.



Intermediate Spokes- Person can enjoy this route too as it adds kms and meters without taxing too much.


Advanced Spokes- Person can ride too but should expect a more leisurely pace.

Recreational Spokes- Person should train for this ride. They may have to push themselves or use the support van.



Intermediate Spokes- Person will find a Level 3 tour to be the perfect fit for them.




Advanced Spokes- Person can enjoy the rolling terrain.

Recreational Spokes- Person are not recommended to join Level 4 tours.





Intermediate Spokes- Person are not recommended to join Level 4 tours without prior climbing training.



Advanced Spokes- Person will find this a ride challenging and fun.